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LOADING -C64/128 

1. Connect a joystick to Port 1. 

2. Press SHIrTandRUN/STOPkeys together 
then press PLAY on cassette recorder. 

3. Game will load and run automatically. 


1. Connect a joystick to Port 1. 

2. Hold down START (and OPTION on XL 
and XE models) key and turn on the 

3. Press PLAY on the cassette player and hit 

4. Game will load and run automatically. 


Evil Sergeant Garcia has kidnapped a 
beautiful senorita and imprisoned her in his 
Fort. As the masked crusader. Zorro. your 
mission is to find the girl and rescue her from 
his clutches. 

Garcia's guards will do everything they can 
to slow you down. Be prepared to do battle! 
You'll climb ladders, explore dark passages, 
leap from rooftop to rooftop, bounce on 
improbable trampolines. 
In every screen are puzzles and perils. 
Mapping is advisable, since you travel 
through many screens more than once. 
Work back and forth, from screen to screen, 
finding crucial objects and clues. And don't 
be surprised if some objects you find seem 
to have magical properties! 
This game is a tricky combination of action 
and adventure. You'll have to put on your 
thinking cap to get Zorro through to his 


Joystick Control Move the joystick in the 
directions below to control Zorro. 

Climb Up 
or Jump 

Run Left ■ T ■ Run Right 

Climb Down 

Left-Hand Joystick Mode Press L Rotate 
the joystick one quarter turn clockwise. An 
L appears in the upper right corner of the 
screen to indicate you're in Left-Hand Mode. 
To return to Right-Hand Mode, press R and 
rotate joystick one quarter turn 

In a swordfight, push joystick toward Guard 

to push him off the screen or a ledge. 

To defeat a Guard, press joystick button 

when both swords are down (forming a V). 

Pause game by pressing the SPACE BAR. 

Press the SPACE BAR or the joystick button 

to resume play. 

Pick up and drop objects by pressing the 

joystick fire button. 

Background Music is turned off and on by 

pressing S. 

Information at the top of the screen shows 

your score, the high score. Bonus Points, and 

the number of Zorros in reserve (you start 

the game with 4). 


Kill Guard 5 

Get Object from Hotel Storage Room 200 
Take Money Bag. various other things 

Current Bonus 

Bonus Points The game begins with 2.200 
Bonus Points. The longer Zorro takes to 
complete a task, the lower the Bonus 
counter goes (it never goes below 1.000). 
After the first task, the Bonus counter resets 
to 9.900 for each remaining task. 


Zorro can only carry one object at a time 

(except the hanky, which goes into a 


When Zorro picks something up. his sword 

is put away; he doesn't drop it. 

Check the Hotel from time to time for new 


There can be as many as six different ways 

to leave a screen. 

It's a good idea to make a map to help keep 

track of Zorro's progress. Indicate on the 

map objects he's found and where he 

found them. 


Game Programming by James Garon 
Computer Graphics by Kelly Day 
Game Design by James Garon, Kelly Day 

John Ludin, Roy Langston. and 

Terry Shakespeare 
Documentation by Kathi B. Tremblay 

Copyright subsists on this program. All rights 

of the producer reserved. Unauthorized 
broadcasting, diffusion, public performance. 

copying or re-recording, hiring, leasing. 

renting and selling under any exchange or 

repurchase scheme in any manner is 


Manufactured in the U.K. Under license 

from Datasoft Inc. by U.S. Gold Limited. 

Unit 10. The Parkway Industrial Centre. 

Heneage Street. Birmingham B7 4LY. 

Datasoft is a registered trademark of 

Datasoft Inc. Zorro is a registered trademark 

of Zorro Productions. Q 1985 Zorro 

Productions. All rights reserved. c 1985 

Datasoft Inc.